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Our Staff


School Board

President, Pam Purcell
Vice President, Mary Beth Gregory
Secretary, Cindy Beers
Members: Brian and Nikki McDonald, Melissa Smith, Jeff Ballard, Kirk Porter


Head of School: Mary Beth Gregory

Business Manager: Kristy Montgomery

Secretary:  Brittaney Schneider

Upper Elementary Teachers: Danielle Rovig, Amy Carlson

Sweet Pea Teachers: Susan Hohn, Hannah Decker

Morning Glory Teachers: Carol Kinzel, Brittany Kemp

Daffodil Teachers: Angi Lyngby- Cox, Alyssa Cornell, Tanya Stuart

Sunflower Teachers: Linda Hart, Lacey Weidman, Brittney Neubauer, Jackie McMurrey

Bitterroot Teachers: Kieran O’Mara, Jennifer Hoge and Lynette Tedlund

Enrichment: Lynette Tedlund, Music; Leslie Whalen, Lower Elementary Spanish; Grace Bailey, Elementary Art

Free the child’s potential and you will transform both the child and the world.
~ Dr. Marie Montessori

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