2015 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

I thank God for the incredible work He has done in the 2014-2015 school year and I want to thank you for the part you have played. Your generous giving has transformed lives, built community, and spread the love of Jesus through numerous families and growing children. God is on the move and is using your generosity to accomplish His work.

As we near the closing of another school year, let’s seek the Lord together and see the good He has accomplished at our school. I am eager to see where the Lord will lead Grace Montessori Academy and so thankful to be on this journey with you.

Pam Purcell, GMA School Board President

Class Highlights

Thanksgiving Feast
Our inaugural Thanksgiving Feast in the new school was a wonderful success!  Even though we ran out of mashed potatoes near the end, a double serving of pumpkin bars eased the distress!  The elementary students did a top notch job in helping organize and prepare for the event!

Egyptian Day!
Lower Elementary students dressed in Egyptian costumes, ate Egyptian snacks, danced to Egyptian music and played Egyptian games. The students designed and built their own pyramid using sugar cubes. Following in cultural studies Lower Elementary, students explored Ancient Greece.

Science Expo
Upper elementary students worked for several weeks preparing experiments and reports for the first annual Science Expo. Their process included explaining the intended experiment, hypothesis, materials, and probable procedure. Many presentations demonstrated sophisticated work, including one student who built a working hoverboard!

Community Building

As part of the GMA mission to foster community among student families and the public, some events this year included:

  • Dedication of the Freedom Shrine: a photographic collection of original historic American documents, on display in the foyer
  • Discovering Relational Wisdom: A live Relational 360 seminar with Ken Sande
    “Why Montessori Works” An Introduction to Montessori Education: Presented by Victoria Brailsford of Age of Montessori
  • Parenting with Love and Logic classes
  • Christmas Program & Angel Gift Tree
  • Movie Night/ Valentine’s Dance/ Spring Carnival
  • Many community groups also use our activity center for activities, such as a local Girl Scouts troop and independent music lessons!


Donor News

Did you know?
15% of GMA operating budget is supported through generous donations of people in the community, like you!  You have made all of this possible.

  • This year, we acquired a van, which is used to transport students to and from school for the convenience or necessity of their parents.  It is also used to allow the Elementary students to “go out” frequently on field trips.
  • Our new building, which we have been in only one and a half school years, is full!  We are adding 3 classrooms to allow for internal growth of the school.
  • We had 159 students this last school year and have 185 registered for this coming fall.  20%of our students receive need based financial aid to attend.
  • We have added 7th grade for this next fall. Plans for a innovative, robust middle school are underway.
  • Our playground now sports a beautiful basketball area for the older kids

Operating Revenue
Operating Revenue

Operating Expense
Operating Expense