Our Educational Program

To grow in wisdom and stature before God and men
Luke 2:52


Dedicated to helping children “grow in wisdom and stature before God and men”, Grace Montessori Academy creates a Christian, nurturing atmosphere where each child is treated with sensitivity, honesty and respect.

The unique cycle of learning provided at Grace Montessori Academy is designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive periods that occur between the ages of three-six and six-nine when s/he can absorb information and profound life understandings from a specifically ordered and enriched environment.

In the early childhood class, the children learn to take responsibility of themselves and for each other. They learn to get along with children of different ages and abilities, to respect each other’s work and work space, and to treat each other with courtesy. The classroom becomes a thriving community where children are treated with respect and dignity and want to treat others with the same respect and dignity.

The elementary-aged child is in a period of heightened social development, so s/he needs group experiences. Multi-aged groupings mean more small-group options relative to ability and interest. These children are also extremely curious about the world around them and mechanics of how things work.

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