Empowered Learning Through Three Stages


Today, I thought I’d share a great article from forSmallHands.com – The Three Period Lesson

As a parent interested in the Montessori method, you may have heard about the three-period lesson, a hallmark of Montessori education that helps young children learn vocabulary and concepts.

In simple terms, the three steps, or periods, are:

  • 1. Naming (Introduction) “This is a dog.”
  • 2. Recognizing (Identification) “Show me the dog.”
  • 3. Remembering (Cognition) “What is this?”

The article explains the learning process very well, making it easy to apply to parenting as well as teaching. Particularly striking is the statement: “Never indicate that your child has failed.” What then?

If a child is not yet able to answer the question “what is this?” it is merely and indication that the child simply needs more experience through the Recognizing period with practice and reinforcement.

How tempting to simply give the correct answer, thinking the correction was enough for the child to learn. Conversely, how empowering it must feel for the child when presented opportunities for success by guiding them back through the natural stages of learning.


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