Elementary Program

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2016-2017 Elementary & Middle School Tuition

Above $160,000
Tier 2 **
Tier 3 **
Tier 4 **
Below $95,000
(1st – 6th)
$5657 $5378 $5099 $4820
Middle School
(7th – 8th)
$6137 $5834 $5531 $5228

A fifteen minute allowance after scheduled attendance is allowed.  This does not apply to the After School program which ends at 5:30p.  Please note, Early Childhood Preschool schedule for three days will be scheduled Tuesday – Thursday and four days will be scheduled Monday-Thursday.  Kindergarten is 5 full days per week.


A non-refundable enrollment fee per child will be due upon new enrollment or re-enrollment.

  • $200 Elementary & Middle School


Tuition rates are carefully considered on an annual basis as determined by the fiscal demands of the school. The annual tuition payment is billed in ten equal monthly payments.  The first payment is a one month non-refundable tuition deposit due June 1.  The remaining nine payments are due the 1st of the month with the following payment options:

  • In full by September 1
  • 2 remaining payments (September 1 and January 1)
  • 9 remaining payments (September 1 – May 1)

Tuition is due the first of each month and considered late after the 5th, unless prior arrangements have been made.  Partial scholarships are available.  Please indicate a desire for a scholarship application when registering or contact the office at (406)-652-1739.


A 5% discount from tuition fees is available for the second and subsequent children.  Due to ongoing expenses, credits cannot be given for absences or vacations.


The Montessori philosophy is based on a three-year curriculum.  We strongly recommend children be enrolled for at least two years to ensure they receive the maximum benefit of the program.  GMA is a non-profit organization and must meet expenses of a continuing nature, based on estimated tuition for the entire year.  If it is necessary to withdraw the child, a written notice of intent to withdraw must be given to the school one month in advance of the withdrawal date or that month’s tuition is still due.

Enroll a New Student