Grow Grace Campaign

The Reason Why

As we move into the 21st Century, it has become apparent our traditional educational models are no longer effective. The Montessori model for education is poised to have a huge impact on U.S. education. The new 21st century educational principles that traditional schools are striving for align closely with 100 year old Montessori principles.

Grace Montessori Academy is a Christian Montessori school that serves students from pre–K through 6th grade.

Since opening our doors in 2007, GMA has undergone tremendous growth! As the only Montessori school in Billings that provides Elementary as well as Early Childhood curriculums, the demand for our program continues to grow.

growthChartGMA has flourished during its first year in the new school building.

Due to increased enrollment and continued demand for our program, we are already preparing to add more classroom space to support this growth.

The Plan:

Phase 1: 7 classroom building on 4 acres in west Billings which includes:

  • library
  • activities center for PE, lunch, music and school events
  • an expanded playground that serves as an outdoor learning

Phase 2: 3 classrooms to double the size of our Elementary program

  • classroom space to begin our Middle School program
  • expanded playground and outdoor learning environment

Phase 3: A specially designed Middle School environment–classroom
and outdoors

Phase 4: A Gymnasium to offer:

  • a full size basketball court
  • locker rooms
  • a separate lunch room for the older students

Phase 5: A sports track and field providing football, soccer, lacrosse
and other sporting opportunities.

Your financial support of the Grow Grace Campaign will:

  • provide a quality Elementary program choice in Billings
  • provide a quality Middle School choice in Billings
  • support Billings’ position as a lead city in the State of Montana
  • enhance the attractiveness of Billings to corporate recruits from larger cities with better school choice
  • provide a Montessori Elementary school that is faith based and instills self-direction, creativity, and love of learning
  • enable GMA to continue growing and serving more children

Capital Campaign Goal: $8.5M Total

Campaign funds raised to date: $1,500,000 (completion of Phase 1)

capitalPlanPhase 1: Seven classroom building: $3,200,000 COMPLETE in 2014!
Including Library, Activity Center, Outdoor classroom/
play area on four acres at 4809 Grand Avenue
Phase 2: Three classroom addition, $1,000,000 Timeframe: Fall 2015
Phase 3: Middle School, $1,000,000
Timeframe: 2017
Phase 4: Gymnasium, $1,750,000
Timeframe: TBD
Phase 5: Track & Sports Field, $1,600,000
Timeframe: TBD

Our Students

Students learn in multi-aged classrooms to promote leadership, mentoring, and collaboration.

Each year we award partial tuition scholarships to our families based upon need. These scholarships range from 25% to 90% of tuition. Approximately 15-20% of our students receive a scholarship. We also have 6 students who are recipients of the new ACE Montana Scholarship.

Our student:teacher ratios are kept low. This facilitates the observation and individualization that is an essential component of the Montessori method.



Our Academic Program

  • Our Christian Montessori Alliance membership provides standards, training, and collaboration with approximately 250 other Christian Montessori schools in the U.S.
  • We are currently in the application phase for American Montessori Society Accreditation
  • Our teachers hold Montessori certifications from several accredited bodies including North American Montessori, Caspari Montessori Institute, Christian Montessori Alliance, and American Montessori Society.
  • Our school utilizes both the Peacemaker method for conflict resolution and the Teaching with Love and Logic method for classroom management.
  • Due to multi-age classes, students are able to advance academically as they are ready. They aren’t limited by grade.

Our Teachers

  • All of our teachers are Montessori certified and many of them also have Bachelor and/or Masters degrees in education. We currently employ 7 Early Childhood teachers, 6 Elementary teachers, and 4 teaching assistants.
  • Additionally, we employ specialists for enrichment classes such as Music, Spanish, Latin, Art and PE.

fundingChartOur Funding

  • 100% of our Grace Fund Scholarship program is funded from donations and grants.
  • 100% of our revenue goes toward the education of the children. Our board and our fundraising efforts are all volunteer.

Building Plans

GMA has flourished during its first year in the new school building. Due to increased enrollment and continued demand for our program, we are preparing to add more classroom space to support this growth.

See what we’ve accomplished already!

Click on the images below for a close-up view:

Our success depends on the support of the Billings community. We hope you will take this opportunity to make a contribution to the GMA “Grow” Capital Campaign.

Your contribution will support the only Montessori Pre-K through Elementary program in Billings and will allow all GMA students to be educated under one roof, on one campus, in an expanded Montessori environment.