The Budget

The Plan:

Phase 1: 7 classroom building on 4 acres in west Billings which includes:

  • library
  • activities center for PE, lunch, music and school events
  • an expanded playground that serves as an outdoor learning

Phase 2: 3 classrooms to double the size of our Elementary program

  • classroom space to begin our Middle School program
  • expanded playground and outdoor learning environment

Phase 3: A specially designed Middle School environment–classroom
and outdoors

Phase 4: A Gymnasium to offer:

  • a full size basketball court
  • locker rooms
  • a separate lunch room for the older students

Phase 5: A sports track and field providing football, soccer, lacrosse
and other sporting opportunities.

Your financial support of the Grow Grace Campaign will:

  • provide a quality Elementary program choice in Billings
  • provide a quality Middle School choice in Billings
  • support Billings’ position as a lead city in the State of Montana
  • enhance the attractiveness of Billings to corporate recruits from larger cities with better school choice
  • provide a Montessori Elementary school that is faith based and instills self-direction, creativity, and love of learning
  • enable GMA to continue growing and serving more children

Capital Campaign Goal: $8.5M Total

Campaign funds raised to date: $1,500,000 (completion of Phase 1)

capitalPlanPhase 1: Seven classroom building: $3,200,000 COMPLETE in 2014!
Including Library, Activity Center, Outdoor classroom/
play area on four acres at 4809 Grand Avenue
Phase 2: Three classroom addition, $1,000,000 Timeframe: Fall 2015
Phase 3: Middle School, $1,000,000
Timeframe: 2017
Phase 4: Gymnasium, $1,750,000
Timeframe: TBD
Phase 5: Track & Sports Field, $1,600,000
Timeframe: TBD