Annual Events

communityBirthdays at school

At GMA, each child’s birthday is celebrated in the classroom with the other children. Each child is assigned a “special day” to commemorate his or her birthday. This may or may not be in proximity to the actual birth date, which allows us to celebrate each child’s birthday whether it falls on a weekend, a holiday, or during the summer break.

Ice Cream Social

Every October, GMA hosts an Open House so parents can visit their child’s classroom and see their progress within the first 8 weeks of school. In addition, our Parents for Grace Montessori (PGM) committee sponsor an Ice Cream Social for the families.

Movie Night

Enjoy a night with your family and ALL your friends with a special screening of one of the latest family friendly adventures on the big screen ~ right in the Grace Montessori Academy activity center! Light snacks are available for sale. Dress in your jammies and bring a blanket, and settle in for an evening of fun!

There is a small entrance fee. All funds go directly to support GMA students and classrooms.

The Maze at Grandpa’s Farm Fall Field Trip

Every October, all students at GMA attend a field trip to The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm for a fun morning of activities and they take home a pumpkin.

Thanksgiving Feast

We observe Thanksgiving in a variety of ways at GMA. One of those is a Thanksgiving Feast. This is a wonderful community experience as our Elementary and Middle School students help cook and serve to the student body.

Christmas Concert

The second Sunday of each December, we host a Christmas Program where all classes sing Christmas songs to the families of GMA followed by a dessert reception.

Middle School Small Business

Having a small business is part of the Middle School program at GMA. One of their businesses is “Hot Lunch Day”. Middle School student manage food orders, receipt of money, serving lunches and deciding what they will do with their profits.

Valentines Dance

Show off your style and your moves at the annual GMA Valentine’s Dance. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the groove set by upbeat DJ music with all your friends, and remember the night with couple or group pictures with the on-site photographer.

Open to the public – so be sure to bring your extended family and friends to join in on the fun! There is a small entrance fee. All funds go directly to support GMA students and classrooms.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in each classroom. Children create a handmade Valentine’s Bag in class. They also create Valentine cards at home and share them at school.

Valentines/St. Patricks Party

PGM hosts a party at school for all students. Each year, we rotate between Valentines or St. Patricks. At this event, stations are created throughout the building and classes split up into groups to rotate to the different stations.

Alberta Bair Spring Field Trip

Every Spring, students attend a play at Alberta Bair as a field trip. Plays are chosen based on the age group. Early Childhood, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary/Middle School.

Science Expo

Upper elementary students prepare experiments and reports for the annual Science Expo. Their process includes explaining the intended experiment, hypothesis, materials, and probable procedure.

Art Show

See the world through young students eyes at the annual GMA Art Show. A school space is transformed into a wonderland of personal expression in gallery sets of works in variety of mediums. You’ll be charmed and delighted at the beauty, craft and skill demonstrated by GMA Elementary and Middle School students.

This event is free and open to the public. Works of art are available for sale.

Spring Carnival

This event is free and open to the public. Tickets for games, light snacks and raffle tickets are available at affordable prices for the whole family.


At year’s end, GMA celebrate those students who are graduation from Kindergarten and Middle School.

Free the child’s potential and you will transform both the child and the world.
~ Dr. Marie Montessori