Grace Montessori Academy is a nurturing, Christian, educational community. We are a Christian, 501(c)3 non-profit school focused on educating children from pre-school through middle school.

Our program provides students the tools to acquire inner self-discipline and self-esteem; to achieve academic excellence; to develop a love for life long learning; to learn moral and spiritual principles; and to achieve their highest potential.

Through the academic and experiential learning process developed by Dr Maria Montessori and enhanced by a Christian based foundation, students will learn to care for and respect themselves, others, and the environment.

Our Mission

Grace Montessori Academy’s mission is to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ through Christ-centered Montessori education.

We are an exemplary Christian school known for pace setting excellence with impeccable character as an organization.

We teach the child a love for learning and moral principles that will assist the child in developing their knowledge, self-discipline and self-esteem allowing them to realize and achieve their individual potential.

We teach the child personal responsibility, tolerance, mentoring others and to contribute their unique gifts to the world.

We teach the child to love Christ and desire to become His disciple in the world.

We teach children from ages 3 to 14.

We financially assist those who cannot afford to attend.

We reach out to all people in the community.

We disciple beyond the children by reaching out as a positive influence to the families.

We aspire to be a Christian Montessori teacher training center.