About Financial Aid

Our first level of financial aid is based upon the tiered tuition schedule and in limited cases additional aid may be available.

GMA would like to ensure that any family desiring this quality educational program, regardless of their financial circumstances, can be offered admission. While we believe that a student’s family has the primary responsibility for financing education, families who demonstrate that their financial resources are insufficient to pay the full cost of tuition are eligible to apply for financial assistance. However, due to limited resources, not all financial assistance requests can always be funded.

How is Need Determined?

Tuition assistance is granted based on applicants’ need, total available funds, and the number of applicants. Both new and returning families must apply for any given year; all applications are processed through FACTS Grant and Aid. Priority is given to existing families already receiving need-based financial assistance, and to returning families newly applying for assistance. Financial aid funds are limited. Applicants whose needs cannot be met will be placed in a wait pool. If funds become available at a later time (as funds are released from families on financial aid who leave the School or who do not qualify for continued assistance), they will be granted to applicants who qualify. The Financial Aid Committee will decide on grants as funds become available.

Tuition Assistance Deadlines

For the school year, families who enroll may submit a Grant and Aid application and supporting documents. The deadline to complete the application is April 1.  If new families enroll after this deadline, they will have one week to complete this process.

How to Apply for Assistance

To ensure objectivity, Grace Montessori Academy uses FACTS Grant and Aid to evaluate applications. Using their assessment and the other materials submitted, the Finance Committee determines how much assistance can be offered to a family based on the School’s overall budget. Awards are made to students in good standing based upon the family’s financial need.

  • Families are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance no later than April 1.
  • New students’ families should complete admissions and financial aid applications concurrently; financial aid applications are considered only after a new student has been accepted.
  • After returning families’ applications are considered, new families’ applications are reviewed.
  • All families receiving aid must re-apply each year.
  • In separated or divorced families, both parents or guardians must submit financial admission.