I have three boys attending Grace Montessori Academy. Nathan (13) is in 8th grade at GMA, Tyler (12) is in 6th grade, and Zach (9) is in 4th grade. All of my children have been at GMA since they were three years old. My husband and I have been GMA board members for eight years. Needless to say, we are very invested in our school for many reasons, but the main one is how a child learns through the Montessori method. Before we had children, I was a kindergarten teacher in the public schools. After volunteering in Nathan’s preschool classroom when he was three years old and seeing first hand the beauty of the Montessori lessons, I was hooked. I also wished I could go back in time to my teaching career and do it all over again using the Montessori way of teaching! My three boys are very different academically and the individualized work plans that teach to my children’s strengths and weaknesses are the perfect recipe for success.